Rachelle Croft
X Elles Racing LLC

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Rachelle and Rhonda of Expedition Overland will be competing in the 2014 Rallye.

Rachelle, Driver

Rachelle Croft was born and raised just outside of Missoula, MT, and is 29 years old. She is the youngest of her family, having two older siblings. She grew up loving life and adventure, but all the while being a victim of sexual abuse from the ages of 6-14. It wasn't until 3+ years ago that she started to find her voice, telling others, seeking healing from depression, and saying 'yes' to more than living in a shell.

She competed in the Rallye Aiche Des Gazelles as a driver in 2012 where she discovered her new 'love'. She has been learning and driving since the age of 5, and is just now putting it to use. After waiting a year, in order to help her husband with their reality show, she is ready to be back in the driver's seat for this special all women's rallye again this March of 2014. This year she will be racing specifically to raise awareness for sexual abuse. She is excited and ready to be a voice and to show God's redemption of being 'Alive' once again.

She and her husband were high-school sweethearts, have been married for 10 years this January, and have 3 boys, ages 8, 5, and 3. Rachelle also strives to live out her dreams while teaching her kids to do the same. She loves being a Mom and is also passionate about showing Mom's of all ages that life does not have to stop when you have kids. They currently live in Bozeman, MT where they own and operate a film production business, Hiline Productions. Their latest project and full time job being Expedition Overland, which she and her husband, Clay, have just returned from filming, driving, and being characters on the second season.She is also the owner of X Elles Racing, started in 2012 to run the Rallye and to pursue other avenues of racing in the future.

Rhonda, Navigator

Rhonda Cahill was born and raised in Gaylord, Michigan where camping, canoeing, biking, skiing and swimming were a part of everyday life with her parents and brothers. Adventure has been something she has desired in every season of life, whether it be during the short summers or long winters of Northern Michigan. She met her husband at Taylor University, who was also an outdoor adventure seeker as a guide for rock climbing and canoeing trips for kids. They have been married 12 years, reside in Bozeman, Montana and have 2 boys and a girl, ages 10, 8 and 5.

In addition to being a mom, Rhonda is working along side her teammate Rachelle, and their husbands on their overland reality show: Expedition Overland. As a former personal trainer and nutritional counselor, Rhonda is using what she knows to plan meals and cook for the team during their adventure travels. Rhonda and Rachelle are racing in the 2014 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles to bring awareness to sexual abuse towards women. Their campaign is "4 in 1" as it is the number of women who have been affected by this. This is something that has touch her life personally and desires for all methods of prevention and healing to be at the forefront of everyone's minds. Rhonda is also passionate to live life to the fullest and break the chains off the patterns that stay at home moms cannot go after their dreams. Her motto is that you will only benefit your children by living your dreams in front of them! She believes it is time to set the example, do what she loves, and go after adventure!